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Does your website need a redesign or tweak? Do you want to jump on the mobile website bandwagon? Or are you just sick of wasting time trying to get the content management system to do what you want? It sounds like your business could benefit from having a digital designer.

Hiring a professional could be a tempting idea, you'll need a high end pc, around £2,000 for software, space in the office, vacations and sick days and don't forget wages.

Did you want a tablet and mobile website? You'll need to buy them too, Apple, Android don't forget Windows. What a hassle, and it sounds expensive.


There is a solution. The Digital Geek can be your digital design department.

Whether it is website maintenance, making your website user friendly, or working with you to create a complete digital strategy. The Digital Geek can provide your business with the professional services the big boys can afford, without the overheads or staff downtime or hassle.

He'll spare you the mumbo jumbo of html5, javascript, css3, UI, UX and interaction design. You'll get what you want, when you want it. You'll get a straight talking professional with over ten years experience and quality solutions that just work.


Ready to chat? First a little about the Digital Geek. Started building websites in 1995, worked for government, corporations, small businesses and freelance. Out of the box, analytical and creative thinker.

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The Digital Geek

The Digital Geek is Luke Hally. He's a digital designer/developer

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Responsive Design

A responsive design allows you to engage your customers on any size screen.

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What is a QR-Link

A QR-Link is a real world link between you and your customers.

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Penny Black Design

Penny Black Design wanted a new website to display their folio and to show off their creative individuality.

Inki Rhino

Book Publisher Inki Rhino wanted a website to establish a web presence and show their impressive portfolio to potential clients.

Makrana Marble

Makrana Marble are a leading supplier of marble in India. Located in the golden triangle, they export quality marble all over the world.

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Website: Makrana 1 Website: Makrana 2 Website: Makrana 3 Website: Makrana 4

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Website: Inki Rhino 1 Website: Inki Rhino 2 Website: Inki Rhino 3 Website: Inki Rhino 4

Penny Black Design back to the top

Website: Penny Black 1 Website: Penny Black 2 Website: Penny Black 3 Website: Penny Black 4

The Digital Geek back to the top

The Digital Geek is Luke Hally. He's got a background in engineering and begun building websites in 1995, while at university. Craving more creativity, he completed a Diploma of Multimedia in 2004.

With new knowledge in hand, Luke followed his passion, specialising in interactive design, developing digital solutions for government, publishers and big brands, such as Virgin Australia, Boost Juice, Cengage and Airservices Australia.

You can see an html5 interactive sample here. You can see a sample at his old Flash website. Keep an eye out for the easter egg. If you want to see more Flash work, get in touch.

The Digital Geek isn't a faceless company on the internet. He has a keen interest in the web, future tech and travel. If you want to get to know Luke better before enlisting his help, check him out on the social web, links are under contact at the top.


Having recently joined in the entrepreneurial spirit in London, Luke has been networking, attending workshops and spent a weekend hacking at Angelhack London. During Angelhack, ideas crystalised and designs grew out of wireframes and user journeys, and Luggli was born.

Luggli is a platform that will revolutionise the way you think about luggage and travelling. Luggli is open for joining now, so head on over, join up and you will be contacted when it is ready to go.

To keep up with Lukes entrepreneurial journey, have a read of his Facebook blog, were you can follow the experiences and development of his team and app, from idea to deployment.

Mobile and Tablet Websites back to the top

As technology advances, one thing is certain – we will have more screens in our lives, and these screens will come in all manner of sizes.

A responsive design allows you to engage your customers on any size screen.

Whether on a mobile phone, a Smart watch, a tablet or Smart TV with Digital Geek’s responsive website design solutions, you can be sure your message is communicated clearly and your business will look great.

How does your website perform? Test it out with my online tool, if your website fails, get in touch, the Digital Geek will sort you out!

What is a QR-Link back to the top

One of the great things about Smart phones is the ability to get your message into your customers hands – literally. But how do you get it there? Links are important, maybe online advertising. How about a link in the real world?

A QR-Link is a real world link, which can send your customers to your mobile website, create an email, initiate a phone call or sms, or save contact details.

Through consultation, Digital Geek will ascertain your business’s precise digital needs and goals. Then you can leave it to the Digital Geek take care of the details. The Digital Geek will create a customised QR-Link for your business, determining the best way for you to use it to full effect

Forget about forgeting website or email addresses.

Hire the Digital Geek

Ok, you know about me, you have seen my work, learnt a little and played with an interactive, animated robot. What? You missed the robot? Here it is.

You've made it this far, so you must need some help with your website. That's good, maybe a freshen up or an update. maybe time to get rid of that out of date Flash content.

Get in touch and I will work with you to create a solution to your business' needs, to your budget and your schedule

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